Pre-30th June Tax Planning

Learn what you can do to save this year

The end of the financial year is nearly here again!

If you haven’t yet completed pre-30th June tax planning, there is still time, but you need to get organised.

Tax Planning Client Newsletter

Click here to download a copy of our Tax Planning – Client Newsletter 2024. It covers:

– General Year End tax planning strategies

– Income Tax Changes – small business

– Income Tax Changes – individuals

– Superannuation Changes

– Fringe Benefits Tax rates and thresholds

The newsletter contains general advice advice only.

What We Do as Part of the Pre-30 June Tax Planning Service

We do offer a Pre-30 June Tax Planning service. The fees for this service start from $900 incl. GST, and we’ll be able to give you an upfront fixed quote for completing this work.

Click here to download our one-page brochure on the service. This service includes …

  1. Review your year-to-date financial accounts – We will review and check your data and accounting software and prepare a draft profit and loss account and income position.
  2. Estimate profit and income position as of 30th June – We will then extrapolate that data and
    forecast your profit and loss and income position as of 30th June.
  3. Estimate other income sources for the year – We will review all other income sources so that we can estimate what they’ll be in this financial year.
  4. Review the instant asset write off measures and other tax incentives – to make sure you’re getting the tax breaks you’re entitled to and are following the legislation. (Noting that temporary full expensing ended 30 June 2023).
  5. Calculate your tax liability as of 30th June – Before looking at strategies to reduce your tax, we will calculate an estimate of what your tax liability position.
  6. Identify tax-minimising strategies – We will complete a detailed review of your situation and identify strategies that you could potentially use to reduce your tax liability.
  7. Calculate the potential tax saved on each strategy – We will calculate exactly how much tax you could save on each strategy and what difference that would make to your payments.
  8. Review strategies and decide on implementation – We will go through the possible strategies with you and confirm which strategies you would like to implement.
  9. Division 7A tax planning – We will review your loan accounts with your company and put a plan in place to make sure we mitigate any tax penalties where possible.
  10. Review your business structure – If your situation has changed significantly or you have had a one-off gain or an unusual year or transactions, then reviewing and updating your structure might be beneficial to minimise tax and protect your assets.

To find out more or to book your Pre-30th June Tax Planning Service, call 07 5649 7650.