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Small businesses in Australia are a major economic driver and need all the help they can get to keep going. At Wear Accountants, we can help steer your small business in the right direction by helping with your financial management.

Australian Small Businesses: The Economy's Backbone

Small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy. They make up 97.5% of businesses, generate 42% of private sector employment, and contribute one-third of the GDP.

Running a small business in Australia comes with its challenges, which often involves wearing many hats – operations, sales, HR. Yet, managing your finances doesn’t need to be an extra hat. By working with an experienced small business accountant like Wear Accountants, you can be rest assured your finances are in the best shape to help you grow.

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Small Business Accounting Services

Small business accounting services typically covers the following areas.

Financial Management
Tax Compliance
Bookkeeping & Accounting
Business Planning
Auditing & Assurance

Benefits of Hiring a Small Business Accountant

Hiring a small business accountant can offer a range of benefits for small business owners, including:

  • Expert financial advice
  • Compliance with Australian tax laws
  • Improved financial reporting
  • Better financial forecasting
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced profitability
  • Access to funding
  • Business growth opportunities

Why Hire Wear Accountants for Your Small Business?

Wear Accountants is a boutique accounting practice in Queensland founded by Chartered Tax Advisor Mel Wear, who has worked with hundreds of business owners. Our clients choose Wear Accountants for the following reasons:


  • Over 25 years’ experience
  • Extensive work with small businesses of various types and industries
  • Highly qualified team of accountants, experts at managing the finances of small businesses

Personalised Service

  • Works closely with small business owners
  • Tailors services to their unique needs
  • Aims for long-term relationships with clients
  • Provides ongoing support and advice


  • Utilises the latest technology for streamlining and efficiency
  • Uses cloud-based accounting software and provides their clients with real-time access to their financial data

Fixed Fee Structure

  • Offers a fixed fee structure
  • Allows small business owners to budget and plan their expenses more effectively
  • Does not charge any hidden fees or surprise costs


  • Ensures that clients follow all relevant tax laws and regulations
  • Stays up-to-date with latest changes in tax laws and regulations
  • Ensures that clients receive all available tax benefits

Wear Accountants provides accounting and financial services tailored to the unique needs of small businesses. Our goal is to help small business owners manage their financial affairs more effectively and focus on growing their business.

An Accountant is a Must for a Small Business

The five-year survival rate for small businesses is at 60%, meaning two out of five small businesses closed in less than five years. For 2023, the top fears of small business owners are fast-rising inflation, reduced consumer spending, and fast rising interest rates; 76% believe that those will affect their cash flow.

A small business accountant is an effective way that can increase the survival odds of a small business. It is a small investment compared to the benefits and advantages.

Your Success Can Be Just a Click Away

Why risk failure when you can at least learn more about hiring an accountant for your small business? Contact Wear Accountants today and ask us the questions specific to the needs of your business.


What is the role of a small business accountant?

The role of a small business accountant is to:

  • Manage and analyse a business’s financial records
  • Provide financial advice
  • Prepare financial reports
  • Manage tax compliance and filings
  • Ensure compliance with accounting standards
  • Help improve overall financial performance

What are the benefits of hiring a small business accountant?

Hiring a small business accountant can help ensure correct financial records and compliance with accounting standards, while also supplying valuable insights into a business’s financial performance and showing areas for improvement to achieve long-term success.

Do all small businesses need an accountant?

While not all small businesses are required by law to have an accountant, it is highly recommended to hire one to ensure accurate financial record-keeping, compliance with regulations, and to receive valuable financial advice and insights to improve the business’s overall performance.

Small businesses that require accounting services in Australia may include:

  • Start-ups and new businesses
  • Professional services
  • Construction firms
  • Healthcare practices
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Mining and resources companies
  • E-commerce and online businesses

What should I look for in a small business accountant?

When looking for a small business accountant, it is important to look for someone with experience in your industry and who has a track record of providing reliable and correct financial advice. Additionally, you should ensure that they are familiar with the latest tax laws and regulations that apply to your business.

How often should I meet with my small business accountant?

It’s recommended to meet with your small business accountant at least quarterly to review financial statements, address any issues, and plan for the next quarter. You should also schedule a meeting after the fiscal year-end to discuss tax preparation and planning. However, the frequency of meetings can vary based on the size, complexity, and growth of your business.

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