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Let us help you tackle the multi-versal challenges of running a business by providing tailored accounting services so you can make better business decisions.

Do You Need a Tax Accountant in the Gold Coast?

If your business has tax filing obligations, then Wear Accountants is here to help. Among businesses in the Gold Coast, the following may have specialised needs that our Tax Accountants can help with:

Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners



Businesses Looking to Minimise Tax Payments

Businesses Looking to Minimise Tax Payments

Businesses Operating in More Than One Location

Businesses Operating in More Than One Location

Companies with Complex Tax Requirements

Companies with Complex Tax Requirements

Business Organisations That Need Tax Planning Services

Business Organisations That Need Tax Planning Services

Where Business Thrives, Taxes Are Not Far Behind

As in the rest of Australia, business taxation in the Gold Coast is governed by the federal government and administered by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). All businesses must register with the ATO and follow relevant tax laws and regulations.

Your business is mandated to pay income tax, goods and services tax (GST), and payroll tax. If relevant to your company, you may also have to remit land tax, stamp duty, or fringe benefits tax.

Since tax laws and regulations are subject to change, it’s always best to consult with a tax professional or the ATO for updates and guidance.

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Book your 15-minute discovery session call to find out IF and HOW we can help you and then, if relevant, we’ll book your complimentary tax review.

Tax Accounting: Complex and Ever-Changing

Taxation may seem complicated to first-time business owners and even to mature businesses. This is why the expert team at Wear Accountants exist: to help you decipher the “mysteries” behind tax accounting.

Your Business is in Good Hands

Tax Accountants are professionals who specialise in tax accounting. We help businesses navigate the tax system and ensure compliance with the ATO. Our experienced team at Wear Accountants do tax accounting for only a small group of businesses, so we can keep a high-level quality of service to:

• Help you stay tax compliant,
• Fulfil statutory reporting requirements,
• Provide tax planning and tax advice,
• Represent your company before the ATO, and
• Help to legitimately minimise your tax.

We help Gold Coast businesses take advantage of tax incentives and deductions, via research and development tax incentives, capital gains tax concessions, or other mechanisms.

While Wear Accountants can help your company, you are still responsible for ensuring your business’ compliance with tax laws and regulations. This is why it’s important to consult only with tax professionals you can trust.

Tax Minimisation

Wear Accountants will set out to make that your business is set up to legitimately minimise your tax. We will be keen to understand everything about your business and investment structures. Then we apply the law strategically to set up your structure so that your tax can be reduced.

Seasoned tax accounting practitioners can help with all tax minimisation areas:

• Reviewing your structure,
• Pre-June 30 tax planning,
• Implementing the best tax strategy at the end of the year,
• Preparing taxation payment projections,
• Looking at staff incentive and bonus calculations,
• Tax-effective exit strategies,
• Depreciation and capital works expenditure, and
• Proper use of small business capital gains tax concessions.

Learn How Tax Accounting is Relevant to Your Business

If you want to explore or discover how Gold Coast Tax Accountants can be valuable to your business, book a 15-minute discovery session with Wear Accountants.


What does a Tax Accountant do?

A Tax Accountant helps businesses navigate the tax system and ensure compliance with the ATO. They prepare and lodge tax returns, provide tax planning and advice, represent a business before the ATO and other authorities, and help with compliance and reporting requirements.

Why do businesses in the Gold Coast need Tax Accountants?

Tax Accountants understand best the complexities of business taxation. We ease the burden on business owners by helping with taxation matters. With a tax professional in your team, you can save time and money, avoid costly mistakes, reduce stress, and access support more easily. 

What kind of Gold Coast businesses need tax accounting services?

While tax accounting could help small and medium business owners the most, businesses in the following sectors are strongly recommended to hire a Tax Accountant:

  • Professional Services
  • Creative
  • Manufacturing
  • Technical Services
  • Finance
  • Health & Medicine
  • Film & Screen
  • Tourism
  • Construction
  • ICT/Infotech
  • Science
  • Events
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Logistics
  • Food and Beverage

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